If you or a loved one are struggling with thoughts of suicide, call or text 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

About Smiles for Jake

Smiles for Jake’s mission is to be a suicide prevention movement that spreads positivity through life-affirming actions, listening ears, and the message that everyone should have hope.

Born in and spreading from a community that experienced the suicide of a beloved son, our short-term goal is to reduce the suicide rate and save as many lives as possible.

Jake’s Story

Jake Haapajoki was your average 16-year-old kid. He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson, a friend, a boyfriend, an athlete, and active in his church. Jake had a family that loved and supported him in all he did. Jake’s smile was nearly constant when he was in the presence of his friends and social environments. His smile could light up a room like no other. His wild hair and a unique love for his shoes were dominant in his handsome self. He loved candy.

Jake took his life on February 21, 2018. Jake couldn’t see an end to his pain.

Jake made a mistake. Suicide is always a mistake.

Jake’s family and friends, through their despair and grief, have launched the Smiles for Jake Movement to begin work to eliminate suicide and provide hope to all that suffer from darkness and despair. The hashtag #wearealljake was created to represent everyone needing an extra smile, a hug, a high five, kind words, or simply a moment of attention.

People need hope. Smiles for Jake is built on the promise that everyone should have hope—we believe those words, and we plan to spread the hope we feel.

Smiles for Jake exists to prevent suicide by being positive. Our movement will share positive actions like smiles and high fives, while helping people understand they are seen and loved.

Smiles for Jake is powered by people who are passionate about stomping out suicide, people who have been affected by loss and are tireless in their determination to address the problem of suicide head-on.

Suicide is a serious and difficult topic. We do not shy away from the hard conversations—we are honest about the challenges people face because we know that everyone needs to be able to talk about their problems, fear, and despair.

In all things, we show kindness because these are difficult matters and trying times. We know that suicide is an issue that requires tenderness and understanding.

Reducing the suicide rate is a goal and a reality that will have a profound effect in the lives of people considering suicide, their family, and their friends.

In everything Smiles for Jake does, we seek to uplift people through positive actions, words, and feelings. We will harness the power of a smile to give hope.

Locally, Smiles for Jake will create a movement in our community, so we will be known for its hope, its positivity, and its action.

Smiles for Jake’s long-term goal is to stomp out suicide. We will work toward this goal by spreading the message of Smiles for Jake as far and wide as possible, so that even people far beyond our community are touched by our message of hope.

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