If you or a loved one are struggling with thoughts of suicide, call or text 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

The Smile Advocate Program

The SMILE Program is aimed at reducing suicide rates, depression, and anxiety in our region – as well as eradicating the stigma around mental health. This research-based program offers different ways for you to get involved:


Our education sessions are geared towards teens & parents of teens. Schools & businesses are invited to book a session with our team to help spread the word.

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Our advocates are people who volunteer by learning the tools it takes to safely talk about mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

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Our advocates can then go on to teach others how to spread hope by starting a club and utilizing our toolkit. There is no cost to creating a club. Clubs may fundraise for their club.

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Join our membership club to receive exclusive deals.

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Smile Program Toolkits

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The SMILE Program is always looking for fresh faces and fresh ideas in order to carry the program components.

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